Applicability of cold physical plasma for cancer treatment

The Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology (INP Greifswald) carries out research and development covering the scope from idea to prototype. With a number of 153 employees at present, INP is the largest non-university research institution in the area of low temperature plasmas and fundamental research and applications thereof in Europe.

The division of ZIK plasmatis at the INP Greifswald is seeking to hire a proactive and highly motivated

Ph.D. student

to join our excellence center (ZIK) research group “plasma redox-effects”. Employment is intended starting February 1st 2017 (subject to the necessary competition).


The research project will focus on the applicability of cold physical plasma for cancer treatment. Cold plasma expels reactive oxygen and nitrogen species which are known to be critical in the redox biology of cancer and in the field of immunology. Thus, it will be evaluated how plasmas act on tumor cells and if they can increase the immunogenicity of the same in vitro as well as in vivo. A future role of plasma in cancer therapy will be investigated using cell cultures, peripheral blood leukocytes, mouse models, and human tumor samples.

Previous experience in immunology, cell culture, and standard methods in molecular biology is required. The successful candidate will be responsible to supervise student internship projects as well as bachelor’s and master’s theses along with the research activities.

Weitere Informationen

For further information, you are welcome to contact: Dr. Sander Bekeschus: +49 (0) 3834 554 3948; sander.bekeschus(at)

Candidates should provide their CV and letter of motivation indicating the reference number “0159 – Doctoral student ZIK PRE” until December 31st, 2016 to the host institute: Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology, Human Resources Department, Mrs. Gabriele Lembke, Felix-Hausdorff-Str. 2, 17489 Greifswald, Germany

Email: bewu(at)inp-greifswald
Forschung und Entwicklung
Having a master’s degree (or equivalent, e.g. German diploma) in human biology or similar, your previous scientific focus has been on immunology or cancer research, preferably in conjunction with redox biology.

We are particularly interested in candidates who have a background in flow cytometry, microscopy, or other methods frequently used in cell biology and immunology. A familiarity with mouse models is highly desirable. The individual will be flexible, dedicated, detail-oriented, and has top teamwork competency but can also work highly independent. Vivid inter-personal communication skills, significant self-motivation, excellent selforganization, and technical savvy and comfort with computers, scientific software, and technology-based life science research is essential.
The INP strives to support the equal rights between men and women, in particular in science. Therefore, applications of qualified women are highly welcomed. Severely handicapped applicants with comparable qualifications will be given preference.

Application expenses cannot be reimbursed by the INP.
Finanzielle Unterstützung

› The part time (67 %) position will be initially granted for 3 years. Payment and social benefits will be in accordance with the regulations of the TV-L wagegroup E13.

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