Thesis: Perovskite solar cell performance under monochromatic illumination

Perovskite solar cells have attracted great attention in recent years due to the rapid increase in record efficiencies that approach those achieved with conventional technologies such as crystalline silicon. The primary objective of this project is to investigate the potential of perovskite solar cells for applications in the field of power-over-fibre.

The focus of this primarily experimental project will be the measurement of efficiency of perovskite solar cells under monochromatic light (i.e. laser), which is the typical arrangement for a power-over-fibre application. The goal is to investigate the efficiency limits of the cells under a range of wavelengths and intensity. The theoretical limits will also be determined based on thermodynamic analysis and the agreement between theory and experiment will be also explored. The candidate will have the support of experienced experimentalists with lasers and the theoretical analysis of obtained results throughout the duration of the project.

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KIT Karlsruher Institut für Technologie - Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT)
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Ms Berger
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We are looking for a candidate with strong motivation to engage with experimental work that may include a certain degree of improvisation. Prior experience with lasers is highly desirable. Any prior engagement with theoretical calculations of thermodynamics is also desirable. Good oral and written skill of English language is necessary.

Field of study: Physics or electrical Engineering.

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