Thesis: Combinatorial screening for high-performance alloys

The IMT recently developed a custom-built system which allows laser-induced forward transfer of minute amounts of substance from a carrier substrate to a target substrate. The applied spots are a few tens of micrometers in diameters which allows the generation of arrays containing millions of individual spots. This process was designed for the generation of large combinatorial libraries of biochemical reagents such as peptides. The process was published in Nature Communications, one of the most important journals of the scientific community.

Recent experiments have shown that this platform could also be suitable for combinatorial material screening. More specifically, the process may be used to generate combinatorial libraries of different metals which may lend itself to the generation of alloy libraries. Screening for novel high-performance alloys is a process which has seen little technological progress in recent decades. This process may be a game-changer in the way functional alloys can be screened for.

Your job will be, to setup this experiment and optimize the process parameters such that a wide variety of metal precursors can be transferred. The generated libraries are to be analyzed by image-based methods identifying newly formed alloys some of which may never have been identified before.

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excellent academic track record, ample experience in mechanical design and preferably in microsystem technology, knowledge of the English language as well as the ability to work in an inter-disciplinary environment
Field of study: mechanical, chemical, process engineering, microsystem engineering

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