Thesis: Analysis of Control Energy Market and its Interplay with the Electricity System

The DLR’s Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics is working on the utilization of technologies of energy conversion that are efficient and gentle on resources as well as on the accelerated utilization of renewable energy sources. Within this context our research group provides methods and tools which support problem solving in the field of energy related systems analysis and technology assessment. The control energy market enables participants to offer controllable power that is used to stabilize the grid and to ensure a secure operation of the power supply system.

Formerly, the market offers comprised merely capacity and energy from thermal power plants. The ongoing deployment of renewable energy sources (RES) along with an increase of decentralized electricity generation made a market opening necessary. In addition, small electricity generators may offer secure capacity at the control energy market. This is interesting especially for the use of storage technologies like batteries.

The aim of your Master's Thesis is to analyze the control energy market data of the past years and to identify explanatory data patterns for this data. Your study will cover questions on how the used amount of control energy and its price are related to demand, RES feed, wholesale market prices among others. Your results will help to estimate the economic potential of new storage technologies in this market and will be crucial for an assessment of further RES deployment and the security of the power supply system of Germany.

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Helmholtz Gemeinschaft
DLR Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics
Dr. Marc Deissenroth
Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics
Luft und Raumfahrt
Study background: Energy Studies, (Industrial) Engineering, Physics, Economics or related fields
willingness to scrutinize a lot of data and interdisciplinary literature
willingness to learn and work with data analysis tools
programming skills (e.g. Java, Python) would be advantageous
Starting date

Duration of contract
6 months

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