Model for the Distribution of Regional Electricity Demands in Europe

In order for the EU to achieve its stated greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, it is clear that the increased deployment of renewable energy systems (RES) will be crucial. Nevertheless, circumventing the problems associated with the power intermittency from these systems remains a primary concern. Fundamental to addressing this concern is a determination of the temporal electricity demands which this RES generation will be serving. As many projects and investigations set their sights on future time frames in regards to the RES generation, so too must the electricity demands be predicted in the same contexts. For this purpose, this project aims to project the TSO-reported electricity demands of today onto future time frames in regards to population and economic growth. Furthermore, to couple the electricity demands with site-specific renewable production, a distribution scheme for the electricity demand will be developed based, initially, on methods proven within the electricity modeling community.

Project Description:

Investigation of energy requirements across European regions
Quantization of regional population indicators from various GIS, NGO, and governmental datasets
Utilization and expansion of an optimization-derived model for predicting net demands

Weitere Informationen

Helmholtz Gemeinschaft
Forschungszentrum Jülich Institute of Energy and Climate Research - Electrochemistry Process Engineering (IEK-3)
Severin Ryberg, M.Sc.
Forschungszentrum Jülich
Institute of Energy and Climate Research - Electrochemistry Process Engineering (IEK-3)

Phone: +49 2461 61-9155
Excellent academic marks in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, energy engineering, physics, computer science, or related fields of study
Experience working within a team environment
Excellent communication skills in English. German a plus
Additional skills:

Experience with geographic information system (GIS) applications
Programming skills; python preferred

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