Ozone resistance testing machine function

  • Ozone resistance testing machine function

    The ozone resistance tester is used to test the resistance to cracking of rubber products such as vulcanized rubber, thermoplastic rubber, and cable insulation sheaths in an ozone environment. The ozone resistance testing machine can control and adjust the concentration of ozone environment to determine the ozone resistance of the test piece.

    The content of ozone in the atmosphere is very small but it is the main factor of rubber cracking. The ozone resistance testing machine simulates and strengthens the ozone conditions in the atmosphere, and quickly identifies and evaluates the rubber anti-ozone aging performance and anti-ozone agent protection efficiency methods, and then adopts Effective anti-aging measures to improve the service life of rubber products.

    According to the test methods and standards, it can be divided into "static" and "dynamic". Static means that the sample is stretched and placed in the test box for testing, while dynamic means that the sample is placed on the fixture of the test box and stretched while doing the test. In the test, the tensile fluctuation is about 5%-45% of the tested sample itself.

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