What are the characteristics of oil-free vacuum pump

  • What are the characteristics of oil-free vacuum pump?

    The ambient temperature of oil-free vacuum pump should be less than 40 ℃ and the temperature rise of motor should not exceed 75 ℃. After 1000 hours of normal operation of the magnetic pump, the bearing and end face moving ring shall be disassembled and inspected for wear, and the wear parts that can not be reused shall be replaced. For the medium that is easy to precipitate and crystallize, the conveying liquid shall be cleaned immediately after use to drain the liquid in the pump. The vacuum pump should always be kept clean, no other objects should be placed on the vacuum pump, and the channel around the pump should not be blocked for better maintenance and operation.

    Oil free vacuum pump is widely used in vacuum distillation, evaporation, crystallization, drying and filtration in petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other fields.

    Due to the selective pumping of oil-free vacuum pump, sometimes one kind of pump can not meet the requirements of air extraction, and several pumps need to be combined to supplement each other to meet the pumping requirements. For example, the titanium sublimation pump has a high pumping speed for hydrogen, but can not pump helium, and the three type sputtering ion pump has a certain pumping speed for argon. The combination of the two will make the vacuum device have a good vacuum degree. In addition, some vacuum pumps can not work under atmospheric pressure and need pre vacuum; some vacuum pump outlet pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure, need front pump, so all need to combine the pump.

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