What are retirement benefits In Ireland?

  • Retirement benefits in Ireland can be quite varied, depending on the company you work for and the type of pension scheme it offers. However, all schemes offer a retirement income based on your salary and years of service. The amount payable will usually change as you reach retirement age, but you’ll generally receive a higher payment if you’re in your early years of retirement or have more years of service.

    Many companies also offer additional benefits such as healthcare cover, a travel fund, or a pension bonus. You should always check with your employer to find out what’s available to you, and make sure that you understand how it works before signing up. If you’re not happy with your current retirement benefits, you can always take steps to improve them by speaking to your employer representative.

    Are you entitled to a pension?

    Pensions are a vital part of retirement planning in Ireland. If you are not already receiving a pension, you may be entitled to one. Here’s what you need to know about pensions in Ireland and how to get started on your retirement savings.

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